Wedding Weight Loss Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful – 3 Tips to Look Spectacular in Your Wedding Photos

Getting in shape and losing weight for your wedding is an important part to of wedding planning. The problem for most brides and grooms (and tell me if I’m wrong) is that trying to plan a wedding, exercise, plan meals and deal with all of the normal activities of daily life (oh, I don’t know, work, kids, buy groceries, etc) is extremely difficult and very stressful. In this article I’m going to give you some wedding weight loss tips that will help you lose weight fast but not be detrimental to your health.

Lack of time and the overwhelming desire to lose weight, fit into your dress and look spectacular in your wedding photos lead a lot of women to quick weight loss methods like starving yourself, diet pills, laxatives, etc which can be harmful and can actually cause you to gain more weight. Last ditch weight loss efforts usually fail so try to plan ahead (easier said than done, I know). More stress is not something you want, especially when you are planning one of the most important days of your life and one that you will remember forever.

3 Tips To Help You Lose Weight Fast and In Time For Your Wedding

1) Eat Your Calories, Don’t Drink Them – Try changing your drinking habits and just drink water. So many of the drinks (soda, juice, energy drinks, etc) have tons of calories that do you absolutely no good. Even coffee unless it is black will contribute what is called “Empty Calories” to your diet. Drinking just water not only will help your body stay hydrated, make you feel better and Yes, Lose Weight (see tip #2) but it will allow you to use your daily calorie intake for food. It is much easier to realize and pay attention to what you eat than what you drink. Think about it, you can down a 16 ounce soda in about 2 minutes and afterwards you just drank almost 250 calories of pure sugar, carbs and salt, all of which will make you gain weight.

2) Drop Some Water Weight – I don’t mean stop drinking water or taking laxatives. Drinking extra water (6-8 glasses a day) and reducing your salt intake will actually contribute to your wedding weight loss goals. By drinking more water regularly (it doesn’t work if you do it for a week and then stop) lets your body know that it is not dehydrated and that it can count on getting enough water. The result will be that your body won’t store excess water, which can add 2-3 pounds of extra weight that you don’t need. If you get tired of plain water, add some oranges or lemon (real stuff). Natural citrus can actually contribute to weight loss.

3) Start An Exercise Routing – Yes I know everyone tells you this, but it is true. The important thing is to start a routine that you enjoy. Don’t go running if you hate to run or have bad knees. Circuit Training is actually an excellent way to lose weight. When you are circuit training, you are alternating, usually in 1-2 minute intervals, between strength exercises and cardio on a stationary bike or doing sit-ups. The combination of light strength exercises and cardio workouts is a serious fat buster. The other huge benefit is that you won’t get bored because you are changing your exercises every 2 minutes.

If you can watch what you eat, how many calories you are putting in your mouth everyday and start an exercise routing 2-3 days a week, you can significantly increase your chances of meeting your wedding weight loss goals. Setting reasonable goals, like 2 pounds a week (not 10) and doing some of the things I’ve mentioned can help you lose the weight you want and keep it off, especially for your honeymoon (you do want to look sexy in that bikini don’t you?)

Fun Wedding Photo Ideas For Guests

Pictures are an integral area of any wedding day. Newlyweds are normally thrilled to get their pictures back from the photographer so they are in a position to relive their special occasion. But there are many special activities you can build into a wedding that involve photos.

One fun idea that lots of brides employ is to take photos of everyone as they arrive at the marriage ceremony, almost like you do at a college prom or company Christmas party. You can render a background and couples can pose either for a paid photographer or for whoever happens to pick up the camera. These pictures can be taken with a Polaroid camera for instant fun or with a disposable camera. If you want slightly higher quality photos, go for a digital camera.

This can be an excellent way to hold guests occupied and happy until the “official” reception begins with the arrival of the bride and bridegroom.

As an extension of that idea, you may take instant photos and create scrapbook pages or memory book pages with the photos. There can be supplies available so guests can create pages on site, or pages can be manufactured and photos simply placed into the prepared spaces. If guests don’t wish to create pages on site, or the bride does not want this particular activity happening, the photos can be saved for later. As a gift for the bride and bridegroom, someone can create memory books with these photos.

If Polaroid cameras are utilized, another alternative is to have the people in the photo sign the Polaroid photo and place that in a basket somewhere. The the couple will enjoy considering the photos later.

While it’s not an especially unique idea, many brides love to provide disposable cameras on each table at the reception so guests can capture candid shots of the reception and the table guests. These photos can be added to the newlyweds’ wedding day album or they can be placed into a separate album showing the wedding from the guests’ perspective.

A fun activity sure to be entertaining is to create a “silent photo guess” location. Here’s how this works: prior to the wedding, someone more or less the the happy couple collects pictures of the bride and groom at various stages in life. The photos should depict the the couple doing things, not at Christmas or with their first birthday cake. In the correct way, the photos should include some action, but it should not be obvious in the picture what has happened or where the individual is.

Much like a silent auction, people will come along and observe the photos, then take a silent guess as to what the photos show. They invest write their guess on an item of paper and put it in a numbered basket that relates to with the number on the photo. Reading these guesses during the reception is entertaining and sure to be amusing. The bride or groom can provide the real answers. This is a specially fun activity at a comparatively small, family wedding day where the participants know the the happy couple very well.

If you wish to render field for guests to have their photos taken but aren’t thrilled with the “prom night” idea, how about having a picture corner established somewhere in the reception hall or facility. Here, the wedding ceremony photographer will take candid shots of wedding day guests. They could be couples, but could easily be entire families, friends really enjoying your life, or the groom being carried on the shoulders of the best man. Whatever the pictures finish up being, they provide a fun, “let it all hang out” region for the wedding guests and a surprise for the bride and groom. Since they’ll likely be occupied with all the reception details and having the time of THEIR lives, they could appreciate knowing their guests had a pretty good time too, as evidenced in the photos.

Wedding Photo Albums

Wedding photographers

A wedding event comes once in the life time. So, if you are going to select some photographer to take some photos during the event then make sure to choose the professionally skilled photographer. There are many people vying to get the deal in the market place. These people range from freelancers to real photography professionals. We highly suggest that you should hire some experienced photographer. Here are some tips given below to choose a reliable photographer for all important occasions.

The first thing that you need to consider is Portfolio assessment. Typically, photographers use some sort of website to promote their services. You can easily log on to the website and check the sample photos. Best and Good photographers know how to take completely natural moments. They should also know how to set up people in order to make the picture more natural. You can just tell by looking at the photos whether the photographer is a trained one or not. Technical skills are required to become a good photographer. But it is the social skills that make the real experts different from the rest.

Value added service is also an important aspect of a photographer. When you choose a photographer, you may want to check out about the other skills that the photographer can have. For example, you may also need the services of video or someone to set up a wedding site. If your photographer can handle all such problems then there is no need to coordinate between different service providers. The photographer will be using the same resources and materials anyway, so it is better to hire the same person to handle such work.

You should also check out some customer ratings or reviews on the website. You should also visit wedding forums to read more about what other people say about the skills and experiences of the photographer. If you get a bad review given some customer then it doesn’t mean the service provider is not good at his job. You should also visit the customer profile. It could be the reason that the photographer had worked for an immature customer. Typically, mature and adult couples tend to be reasonable and sensible about their demands. Hence, you are required to read the positive testimonials from this customers belonging to this group of age. But, if you see some many negative reviews across the board then you must be careful before choosing.

Finally, if you have any type of questions or problems just drop an email or call the photographer to check whether he or she can help you out. Professionals and experts always take the time to solve any type of difficulty or problems that the clients may have. Through the contact, you will be capable to tell whether the service provider has solved all your problems professionally. The Photography of a wedding is not just a science. It is also said to be an art. And it is important and vital that your chosen photographer understand that. Professional and expert photographers usually provide better and high quality photos than freelancers. They are more trained and know what the couples want. For these reasons they usually have higher fees as compared to the freelancers. Don’t change your hiring decision on price alone. You should consider all the above given factors before making final decision.

Top 5 Tips in Preparing For Your Wedding Photo Shoot

Your wedding photo shoot is indeed a very important event. Keep in mind that this will document everything that happens in your wedding day. You might want to do some serious preparations for this. Here are some useful tips which you can follow:

1. Hire the right photographer – Of course this is the most important thing to consider. It would be best to canvass on prices but it might be a much smarter move to actually consider the recommendations of people whom you know. This way you can already be sure that the photographer whom you will choose indeed has the expertise in doing wedding shoots. This photographer should also be the one to take care of your prenup pictures so that the consistency of images would be smooth through and through.

2. Talk things over with your photographer – If you have some creative ideas of your own, feel free to voice these out with your wedding photographer. Take time to make appointments or meetings prior to the wedding day and ask the photographer to brief you with the shoot essentials. While you are at it, consider taking some creative and funny wedding shots so that your picture would not look too boring or serious. After all, these images would be forever etched in you and your spouse’s history together. You might want to also ask him to take solo pictures of your entourage in such a creative fashion.

3. Arrange the payment process before the wedding day – Surely the last thing you want is some unprocessed payments and surprise billings coming your way after the wedding day. This is the reason why you have to sign a legal contract for the services that will be rendered for you. Also, make sure that you get official receipts after you have made a payment. Speaking of payments, it is advisable to pay only half of the total price prior to the wedding day–think of it as a down payment to establish the fact that this the deal is for real. You can just pay the other half upon delivery of all the photos and media.

4. Select complementing outfits – This goes for both the prenup pictures and the wedding day itself. The groom’s clothes and wedding attire should complement that of his bride’s. Just the same, the bride’s stunning gown should not overshadow the groom because the picture should be able to capture the glow and vibrance of you together as a newlywed couple. So take time to know what both of you are going to wear to have this sorted out early on.

5. Take a good rest prior to the photo shoot – Relax and get a good night’s sleep. The best way to ensure that you would have stunning photos is if you have a shoot after you have rested well. It puts you in a good mood and prevents dark circles or eye bags from occurring on your face.