Adding the Personal Touch to Your Wedding Photo Album

Whether you’re looking for a stunning and personal anniversary gift idea or are trying to find the perfect photo album to use on your big day, personalised wedding photo albums are a superb option. Not only is the album itself filled with your best and favourite wedding day photographs and even honeymoon shots, but you can personalise the front and rear covers too including a picture and text on the front and the option to add a second, different picture on the rear cover.

Updated Wedding Albums

As anniversary gifts, updated wedding photo albums can prove a real success. It is an unfortunate fact that older photo albums can become damaged or look aged but by giving a new and personalised photo album to the happy couple you can let them relive the photographic memories from years ago. Smaller albums are perfect for adding standard 6 x 4 prints while larger A4 photo albums are also available offering even greater freedom over the type and size of picture that is included inside.

Quality Materials Means Quality Products

The satin cover of the photo album not only offers you the chance to include a favourite wedding day photograph but it can also be customised to include a text caption or message of your choice. While it’s traditional to use this to include the names of the bride and groom as well as the date of the wedding it could also be a good space to include a personal greeting or message.

A Photo Book

As an alternative to the wedding photo album you might also consider using a personalised photo book. The cover of the photo book can be customised in much the same way as with a photo album, but instead of having to crop and mount your own pictures, they can be scanned and printed directly onto the pages of the book. Pictures can be printed right up to the edge of the leaf of paper so there is no visible white space or border around the picture, although this will obviously depend on the size and orientation of pictures to be added.

Photo Books As Anniversary Gifts

One of the great advantages of giving photo books as personalised anniversary gifts is that they can be customised even more. A good design team can work with pictures to combine more than one onto a single page using various different methods. You can also opt to have a personalised photo book storage box to match, further enhancing the use of the photo book as the perfect anniversary gift.

Update Your Memories

Wedding photo albums can become damaged or aged, and it’s highly unlikely that every picture from the big day will have been used and added to the album. Having a photo book created means that you can also add pictures from other big events; for example, anniversaries or the birth of your children to create an incredibly romantic and especially good looking anniversary gift. The possibilities are really only tempered by your imagination.

Worried About Your Wedding Photo Shoot? Here Are 5 Distressing Steps To Hire A Wedding Photographer

Wedding planning can never be a peaceful affair no matter how early you plunge yourself into it. The chaos it involves leaves very little space for you to relax and think at peace. One of such hassled affairs is finding the right wedding photographer when you have a plethora of other necessary arrangements to make. However, going for any random wedding photographer is simply out of question as your wedding day means a lot you and your partner. For you want to capture those fleeting moments of your big day and cherish them forever. Even if your wedding preparations seem to be in mayhem, you will be at ease while you hunt your wedding photographer and strike a deal by following these steps.

Search online and shortlist them

You can start by looking for forums or portals that showcase their style. The style varies with every photographer. No two photographers can bear the same style because of the difference in how they see things and their approach towards the same. Making a list of your favorite ones by deciding upon their styles will give you leverage as you will be narrowing down the long list to a few selected ones.

Fix a Meeting

As soon as you have shortlisted your favorites, set a meeting to make sure you get to know the real picture. Once you zeroed in on your photographer, he/she will be spending a great deal of time with you, right from your wedding morning to the minute the ceremony ends at night. So, you should see to it that you guys share a great chemistry. Else, you will end up having a disastrous experience.

Peel the layers

While interacting, you should ask how he/she would describe his/her style and see if that is what you wanted. Experience also sets one photographer apart from the other, with the more experienced one having a more refined work style. Lay before him/her the possibilities of inevitable hurdles like rains or power failure and how he/she answers your questions. Then, you’d be in a better position to gauge if he/she is the one you’ve been looking for.

Talk to their previous clients

If your chosen one is really a pro, he/she will readily give you references of his/her previous clients. Asking them if they are happy with the work the photographer did at their wedding or they want to specify anything in particular, will ensure that you get off the hook.

See if you are getting value for your money

Wedding photography is usually expensive as it involves a lot of work and expenses on the part of the photographer insurance, taxes, software, albums, repair, studio expenses and advertising, to name a few. However, looking into what is included in the price they quote will give you a fair view of the value you will be getting. If you find items like loose prints or trash-the-dress sessions that are unnecessary, you can ask for a cut-back.

If you have hired a photographer after considering all the aspects, trust him/her with the job. If you keep on nagging for every petty thing, you will clog his/her vision and ultimately turn your photo shoot into a fiasco.

Wedding Photos On Canvas – 4 Tips For Choosing The Best Shots

Wedding photos are unique, valuable pictures that require special treatment. Canvas prints are the best option for quality of image and presentation. They can be customized for the very best effects, and using digital technology ensures high quality and accuracy of rendering.

Wedding photo considerations and issues

Wedding photos are a major production at all stages, from taking them to presentation. They have very important value to the family. So much care, time and effort goes into making them that it’s only right to ensure they’re properly presented and displayed.

The problem with photos in the conventional styles of presentation is that they’re presented on card or paper. These materials can only do so much. Well mounted, they can survive quite well, but they’re vulnerable to moisture, mold, and temperatures. Over time, acids in the materials causes deterioration.

Canvas prints avoid these problems from the outset. Canvas breathes, and isn’t at all temperature sensitive. High quality digital printing techniques ensure good rendition on the canvas, avoiding weak spots and material inconsistencies.

Making up your mind about presentation

“Where to put the wedding photos” is a real issue. Frames, mounting styles, d├ęcor, and everything else involved in a photo display make up the rest of the conversation. Professional decorators will tell you to start with a few basic concepts, and develop your ideas using them as the guidelines. This means you can also do some planning, and consider possibilities, so you’re not stuck with “whatever’s available” as the only way of presenting your beautiful photos.

This is particularly important in terms of quality if your wedding photo includes natural settings, or a special backdrop. A landscape portrait, for example, really requires expert rendering. Without going into the technical details, quality images like these require special treatment, and very high quality reproduction techniques to ensure a good photo presentation.

Quality and options

What’s needed in this minefield of decisions are options, preferably several good ones, and no budget-killing prices. Canvas prints can give a huge selection of options, straight off the computer, with no guesswork required. This means you can get on with the quality and style issues, and make informed decisions.

You can also get good useful advice from canvas printers to help sort out everything, from budgets to styles. This saves a lot of time. It makes decision making a lot simpler, because you can physically see what you’re getting, and get some solid figures about pricing.

Shopping around for good deals and best prints

Shopping around online is an extremely efficient way of finding good deals, checking out quality, and keeping the budget under control. The big advantage is being able to check out the entire range of options quickly, get quotes, and ask about options directly.

You really can get good deals. Canvas printing naturally allows for a lot of customization, and you’ll find that your canvas printer can cost anything for you at a good price.

Top 5 Must Have Wedding Photos

For your wedding, once you have chosen your photographer and the photographic style that you want, it is important to plan the shots that you want to capture, apart from the spontaneous picture perfect moments. We know that you have a lot invested in getting perfect photos so here are some tips on the best shots to put on your list whatever venue or theme you have. Don’t make this list too long as you want to allow the photographer the time and space to be allowed to have creative licence in capturing special moments and surprising shots and to capture the fluidity of the day. These are common pictures and may seem cliqued but when it is your day, they will be special and invaluable to you. These include buttoning or zipping up the dress, putting on the veil, the bride and bride’s maids preparing and walking with bouquets to the church or altar, the family members walking into the church, the groom and best man at the altar, the couple greeting guests, the speeches at the reception etc. There are essential moments of your wedding that need to be captured to be sure to have your whole day recorded, as well as not missing out any family members!

ONE: You always want to picture the preparing stages, especially of the bride, her bridesmaids and mother and/ or sisters. These images can vary depending on what is going on, the dressing and veil preparation, hair and make-up, champagne etc. These are essential photos for the bride to remember her ‘girl’s’ morning before the big day!

TWO: The groom and best man at the altar. This is an important shot for the groom, to remember the anticipation of the wait as well as to capture the special moment between good friends; the support of the best man and the nervous excitement!

THREE: The ring bearer and the exchange of rings. No matter who you have as a ring bearer, this is always an exciting part of the ceremony so be sure to have this on your list. But most of all, the exchange of rings is one of, if not the moment of the whole day that you cannot afford not to have! Your wedding photographer will inevitably capture the emotions, the hands, the rings and all parts that make up that special moment.

FOUR: The KISS! The kiss is one of the most photographically wonderful moments of your wedding that you should do anything not to miss… even if this means having an extra-long kiss to make sure that your wedding photographer captures the moment, and captures it well!

FIVE: The speeches are important to any reception and while the photos should not only be of the person making the speech, and of the couple and audience’s reactions, it is important for remembering those funny or heart-felt speeches.

There are always more photos that the photographer will capture, and that you will want, but remember to discuss with him/ her what you most want to capture and remember so that you can be sure to have the most special moments. But also remember that you must forget that he/ she is even there so that those super special moments come out as real and organic as they were!